Ok, so who am I???

What’s it to ya???

Seriously though, I’m Diesel, and I’ve done(and lived through) some craaaaaazy shit. Met many crazier people. Learned many life lessons at the school of hard knocks. Made MANY friends along the way.

So what have I learned? I’ve learned that life is WAY too short to spend it being too serious. I mean really! Being sane in an insane world is, well, INSANE. So, I like to see the lighter side of things. Most of the time, anyways. BUT, I also LOVE to pick things apart when they seem messed up?

Anyway, far be it from me to spare anyone a bit of sarcasm, my opinions are my own. Whether you’re looking to laugh of get a good dose of reality, you’ve come to the right place!

Diesel On Life. Opinions are free. Cynics encouraged.