The Expendables

So two days ago, I ran into my boss and a few fellow Patriots. My boss is a die-hard democrat. He walked in on us talking about what the hell are we going to do with everything  that’s going on right now. He turned and looked at all of us, and he says, just like this,  “Just relax, stay home, everything’s going to be fine. At some point everything will reopen…”

My husband just happened to be there for the conversation, and I could see the color rise in his face. He looked at my boss and said Oh no, you see I’m EXPENDABLE… I saw what was coming, and what my husband, as well as some of his friends on Facebook posted the following. This pretty much says it all in a nutshell:

a facebook post that is a rant on covid 19 stay home orders.

So, my husband can go to work and pray he doesn’t die everyday while YOU get to stay home and collect, double your paycheck?  SCREW YOU!!!

woman shopping with facemask on to protect herself from coronavirus

The house is non essential. Yet they are getting paid. Trump works for free 24/7. Pelosi asks for another $3TRILLION DOLLARS on another coronavirus relief bill. Cannabis is used 26 times, nothing about a cure or prevention. Unemployment? People are getting paid more friggin’ money to stay home than return to work, so why would they?!  Don’t you get it? That’s Pelosi’s meal ticket! She wants to look like a hero and she’s BUYING this election by keeping people home!!!  Let me ask you this, people, where do you think that money’s going to come from?  It’s gotta get paid back! You think it’s free???  Wait til you see your taxes next year!!!  

Wanna save the economy? GO BACK TO WORK!  Let only people at high risk stay home and collect. Anyone else mask up. Go BACK to work.

Putting it perfectly,  Twitter user John Jackson tweeted:  I now consider the re-election of Donald Trump in 2020 to be the greatest patriotic duty of my lifetime. I will contribute, volunteer, get new people to the polls, whatever possible. The sleeping giant has been awakened, and they ain’t gonna like what happens next.

Guys, When  your government lets you go out for groceries and liquor and hardware but demands that you mail in vote, You can bet your ass that they are not worried about keeping you safe from a virus!

Twitter user stanch 24/7 tweeted

A Democrat win in 2020 means an incompetent socialist nanny state with eternal power over you, abject poverty, lawlessness, preferences for illegal aliens over citizens and for evil over good. It means their complete corrupt control forever.

Listen guys, This country will rise up and fight. We want our country back and we want it back  right now. If you want to stay home go ahead and do that. But I don’t live in Communist China and neither does the rest of America.  We need Donald Trump for 4 more years. Now more than ever. HE is the only one that can restore us as a nation. HE is the ONLY one that can kickstart our economy again. HE is the only one that make America great YET AGAIN.  PLEASE say no to mail in voting and GET OUT AND VOTE! SPREAD THE WORD. DO WHAT YOU CAN TO MAKE THE 2020 ELECTION A TRUMP VICTORY LANDSLIDE