Scary Times…

So this has been a crazy weekend. Scary times! First Joe Biden with Charlemagne tha God and his comments on that show, then the New York Times saying Memorial Day glorifies white supremacists???

Please, let me start today by saying everyone is entitled to vote for whomever they want- it is your right. I have my views. You have your views. We discuss them. I respect people’s stances, as long as you don’t call me a deplorable, a racist, or uneducated because I support President Donald Trump. I wouldn’t vote Democrat if Trump weren’t president. They are stripping away our rights, and promised the world until they are elected and then deliver nothing. That is my opinion…

But after Joe Biden’s interview with Charlemagne tha God the other day, I want to speak about it today. It was just, just wrong…

I wanted to wait 48 hours for the dust to settle to see what the reactions to Joe Biden’s “You ain’t black,” comment would be, and I’m so glad I did. I addressed it on Twitter and saw two completely different sides; people getting attacked by two or three others for questioning. Black Democrats are saying it was a joke, defending Biden. Black Republicans were brutal in their comments, a barrage of videos lambasting Biden as well for his words.

Then, when I retweeted about by Candace Owens, which said: “If you didn’t support Hillary in 2016 you ain’t woman. If you don’t vote for Joe Biden in 2020, you ain’t black. If you still can’t see that the Democrats are exactly what they accuse everybody else of being, you ain’t smart!” Well, that post was met with a barrage of comments calling her a “coon.” The hate is clear. I was so taken aback that I tried to defend her and I ended up in the argument being attacked as well.

And the squad’s got to be finished now. Think about this. Biden said what he said, blatant active racism. Where was there out cry?, Can you hear the crickets? The silence is deafening! They scream racism and discrimination by Donald Trump, but not a word when it came out of Biden’s mouth.

  And where is Obama after all of this? How about Stacey Abrams? What? Anybody? Somebody? Some comment? They scream that Trump’s a white supremacist, but what about Biden? He just accused people of color of not being able to think for themselves. That you somehow “have to” vote for him. After all, “The NAACP has endorsed me every time I’ve run, look at my record!” THAT is a false statement at the NAACP has publicly rebutted!

So, still don’t think Joe Biden’s a racist? Let’s talk about that…
May of 2020, you ain’t black
August 2019, “Poor kids just as bright as white kids?”
June 2019 Biden bragging on his work with segregational senators
August 2012, “Put y’all back in chains.”
February 2007, “Obama is the first mainstream African American who is articulate, bright and clean and a nice looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man!”

Joe Biden has supported racist policies for 50 years and actively opposed desegregation, saying years ago, I don’t want my kids to grow up in a jungle. A racial jungle. CNN got exclusive letters go check them out online.

So for all people saying Joe Biden’s not a racist, I call b*******. I’m not telling you to vote for Trump, vote for whoever you want. Vote for Bernie if you want!  But this man has a track record for tens of years of lying. And probably just as many years of corruption…

Final thoughts? Guys, this hate has to stop. In my lifetime I’ve never seen division and hate like this. I got in the middle and ended up in it. I’ve been called things by people I don’t know. Mud slinging, racial slurs, omg, nobody wins here! NOBODY! Please do your homework before you vote, And for crying out loud, don’t vote for Biden!