President Donald Trump Announced That He Is Declaring Antifa a Terrorist Organization

About 10 minutes ago, President Donald Trump announced that he is declaring Antifa a terrorist organization.

It has become obvious that all of these riots (that are taking place because of the wrongful death of George Floyd) are being aggravated by Antifa. Videos all over the news and YouTube of people from Antifa paying kids on the street to do damage, aggravate and incite these riots. Pallets of bricks being laid out all over the city for people to pick up and throw at police and innocent bystanders. Innocent people being attacked and beaten, some beaten to death. Innocent police officers being killed, three that I know of so far.

This declaration couldn’t have happened soon enough.  “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization,” Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon:

Trump on Twitter About Antifa

Earlier Saturday, people were trying to say that this was coming from the Right, to which he tweeted:

Trump on Twitter about antifa and radical left

“It’s ANTIFA and the Radical Left. Don’t lay the blame on others!” Trump tweeted Saturday.

Immediately after, Attorney General Bill Barr released this:

AG Bill Barr press release on Riots and Domestic Terrorism Part 1
AG Bill Barr press release on Riots and Domestic Terrorism Part 2

The question now is, if Antifa is now considered a terrorist organization, and all of these movie stars like Justin Timberlake, Steve Carell, Teigan and so many others are contributing to the fund for their bail and legal representation, can they be held accountable? These are all Democrats contributing to these funds. Contributing to the protesters legal defense after they have committed arson, murder, assault, they are defending Antifa. What will happen to all of that money? Should that money not be being contributed to the rebuilds of all of the companies and homes that they destroyed? These Hollywood elitists are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars here…

This is not about race. It is not about protest. This is about throwing an election. Did anybody notice that there hasn’t been a single word set about Coronavirus since this started? And a good chunk of this is happening in California. No masks, people all over the streets. Everybody is out, all day and all night, no curfew. Open up the state! Mail in ballots? doesn’t look like anybody has a problem leaving their house, shouldn’t be any reason they would have a problem going out to vote!  Oh yeah, and let’s not forget, they’re also all well enough to be out so they must be well enough to go back to work. No more stimulus checks, no more unemployment. Open the state and open the businesses that are left that haven’t been burned to the ground!

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