Got Bail?

So I got a Facebook notification Sunday night that people were going to be protesting at a gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey yesterday. They wanted people to be there at 5:00 a.m. in order to protest. The gym owner said he was opening against Governor Murphy’s executive order. As such, he was warned that the police would be there to greet him when he tried to do so.

Right on schedule, the police showed up. And, right on schedule, there were a ton of people waiting for them when they did. Some protesters wore shirts calling Murphy a tyrant, chanting “freedom, USA, and We are the people.” There was also another sign that read, “Lets work together, Mr Murphy, together we can do this.”

The police said “We are only here for everybody’s safety today. We planned for the worst, hoped for the best, and it seems like that’s what we have out here today. Formally, you are all in violation of the executive order. On that note, have a good day, everybody be safe.” Everyone cheered when they saw that he was not going to stop them from opening.

The mayor said to the news later on ” I am proud of the manner in which the Bellmawr Police Department conducted themselves this morning. as well as the respect shown toward our police officers by the general public.”

So as I start getting excited, saying, “Oh my God this is awesome, maybe other gyms will follow suit!” I get back online and look at the newest report, and all of a sudden it’s saying that everybody who went was given a warning, with Murphy saying that if they came back again Tuesday morning, they would face a quote different reality than the one they face today. Nobody knows exactly what Murphy was implying when he said that. Apparently the gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trombetti were given a summons for disorderly persons for reopening.

Now remember, the owners went on Tucker Carlson the other day saying that they would not only defy the order, but if they shut him down, he would just reopen. The owners also said that they would follow social distancing and safety precautions. They would limit people to 44 at a time inside, social distancing and temperature checks for fever. Anyone with 100.4 or higher temperature would not be allowed in.

He doesn’t believe he was in violation of the shut down, since “membership” means you are a private club, not a public recreational place. His attorney is backing him. And, he said he would be reopening again on Tuesday morning,

So he reopened this morning. And he warned members to prepare to get arrested. And he got another summons. At that point, Murphy did not have anyone arrested. Maybe all bark no bite?

2 hours later, my phone starts blowing up and sure enough, they singled one single guy out. And they arrested him. Police were waiting out in the parking lot. Everyone screaming and protesting, yelling, “Why did you choose him? Why would you do this? You need to stand down! You let people go in and out all day and arrested no one and now this poor kid goes out and you arrest him?” and not one police officer would answer. They didn’t say a single word. They arrested him, took him down to the station, gave him a summons and a court appearance.

Listen. These owners are giving out waivers that people must sign before going in. it is their choice whether or not to go in, and they are told that they must abide by social distancing, temperature checks, masks, the whole nine. There are only 44 people allowed in to the gym at any given time. So I don’t understand, what is the problem? 

Guys, we can’t stay shut down forever. And they keep saying that we need to stay closed or people are going to die. What nobody is getting or wanting to hear is that we are never going to gain herd immunity. We are just putting off what is going to happen no matter what we do. they’re already saying that we’re going to have a resurgence come fall. No matter what we do there is going to be a resurgence. We cannot stay closed forever. This is not going to just go away, and the sooner people realize that the better off we will be as a nation.  And listen, if you are one of those people who is like Chicken Little, you know, the sky is falling, that is your choice, I mean that. You are more than welcome to stay home. But it’s not fair to the rest of us that everything has to stay shut down. We go out, we wear a mask. We work out, we wear a mask. We leave, we wear a mask. There should be no issue whatsoever. If we had cooties to spread, we’re wearing a mask so we can’t spread them.

America, if we don’t fight for our rights now, We are not going to have any rights left. Arresting people for this is a violation of constitutional rights. This was just wrong. The shutdowns are getting ridiculous. The arrests are getting even more ridiculous.  This gym, these people had a plan. They presented it to Murphy. The plan follows every rule. There should be no reason that they can’t stay open. WE CANNOT STAY CLOSED FOREVER. 

Again, this is nothing more than yet another way these power hungry Governors keep control. They instill fear. They make you wear the mask because the mask mentally instills fear in each and every one of us. My family and I went to the beach on Sunday and spent the entire day walking the beach and boardwalk. Even the police on the boardwalk had no masks on. Everyone’s social distanced. Anyone walking up to the boardwalk that had a mask on looked left and then right, so nobody else wearing them, and then took theirs off. Every single one of them. The only people wearing masks on the boardwalk other than elderly, for the obvious reason, was the news crew who came out to do a news report. They looked absolutely ridiculous being hyper-covered and rubber gloved.

People, we have to open sometime, it may as well be now…  Let’s see how many get arrested tomorrow…

And just remember, if you call Jake from State farm and ask him what he’s wearing, he’s probably going to say a hazmat suit….