Feel My Wrath and Extreme Self-doubt! Lockdown Day 44

Day 44 of lockdown (I think?)

Okay, so today they’re supposed to be opening some parks, golf courses and huge open areas. But nothing about the freaking beaches. This lockdown crap is tired.

It came out yesterday that the Coronavirus germ, or protein or whatever it is has literally like a one minute life in the ultraviolet rays of the sun and fresh air. If nothing else, the beach is where we should be right now! Even if it is only like 65°.

What are they doing? They’re keeping them closed. Worried about overcrowding. They’re worried about lack of social distancing. How the hell is there going to be any overcrowding right now?! Even if it is 70° out right now, which I don’t think it is, when you get to the water the temperature is actually 5 or 10° cooler. What do they think, people are going to be laying on the beach in their bikinis in this balmy 65 degree weather?

What we need now is fresh air and sunshine, and all of the doctors are saying that that is the best thing for this Covid-19. It’s called wear a freaking mask, get some sun and fresh air in a wide open space! Let us get out and breathe a little bit! If nothing else, let us try to get back to where we can actually see other human beings!

Atlantic City Beach and Boardwalk
Atlantic City Beach and Boardwalk

Supposedly people are going to be protesting at the governor’s office because this man has absolutely no plan in place whatsoever to reopen our state. No unnecessary stores, no casinos, no restaurants, no businesses, no nothing. I am like |THIS| close to driving up there to go join that protest! At the same time, I can’t afford to end up in jail, either. Each state seems to be in a quandary as to defining what a peaceful protest is, and I don’t want to end up getting locked up for it.

News said this morning that legislature is attempting to limit his power because he hasn’t come up with a plan yet. Will that happen? He could just pull a deal like Governor Whitmer out of Virginia and just sidestep the lockdown date so that they can’t limit power. I don’t know if he’s that smart.

Governor Murphy went to meet with the president day before yesterday. I waited for an hour and a half for it to go live, hoping that he would show his reopen plan for New Jersey like Ron De Santis of Florida did the day before. You know what happened? Nothing. Absolutely freaking nothing. Do you know why?

Because Murphy HAS no plan. He went to the President to ask for bail out money! He didn’t go there with a plan, he went there to ask for money!

We are going broke, all of these businesses closed, and we have one of the lowest death rates of the state in our county. maybe it’s because we have a lot of ocean here? Maybe because we’re not anywhere near Northern Jersey where there is a ton of worker commute to and from New York. I have no idea. Open the goddamn beaches!

Okay, yes, we are a tourist destination area, but we’re not anywhere near 80° days yet. I’m tired of walking around the block, and around the next block and the next just to try to get fresh air, this is ridiculous! It’s bullshit! They are going to cripple what is left of our economy if we do not open up for the summer.

Ocean City Boardwalk
Ocean City Boardwalk

Listen, I’m not one of those jackasses that’s walking around without a mask and not protecting myself. I get it, we have to be careful. I don’t want to die. But for crying out loud, we have to do something! This is tired and it got tired real quick. The point is if they’re saying that we need to be exposed and this is going to come back in the fall anyway, and we could potentially reach her immunity if we go out, then for crying out loud let us go out! Rip off the Band-Aid! Because at the end of the day, the longer we stay locked up, the longer it’s going to take for us to GET that immunity.

A couple weeks ago, I actually heard Murphy say something about into November and December. I was like “Wait what?!” Bull freaking shit, we need to reopen NOW.

That protest is starting to look better by the minute, keep you posted…