90210 Luke Perry Dead at 52, Never Recovered From Massive Stroke Last Wednesday…

90210 heartthrob Luke Perry has just died. He passed away this morning at St Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank surrounded by close family and friends. Luke had been rushed to the hospital this past Wednesday after having the stroke at his Sherman Oaks home.

Paramedics had gotten a call for a stroke at his home address. They said that when the EMTs got there he had been responsive and was actually talking, but his condition had gotten worse.

The doctors had tried to sedate him, hoping to give his body rest and give his brain a chance to recover from the trauma, but apparently the damage had already been done…

Outpourings of love from friends and family, as well as co stars from 90210 and Riverdale  took to Twitter.  Molly Ringwald had posted, “my heart is broken…” Molly is Luke’s Riverdale co star, playing his ex-wife on the CW show.

Ian Ziering, who used to be on 90210 with Perry also posted a picture of the two of them on Instagram, posting, “I will forever bask in the loving memories we’ve shared over the last 30 years…”

Perry also had done a lot of voices in cartoons such as Mortal Kombat, The Incredible Hulk, Pound Puppies and many more. May he rest in peace…

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