Umbrella Academy, the New Binge Watch on Netflix

clear your day…

Okay, so I wake up yesterday morning at about 9:30, the one time I get to sleep in, SMH, and I’m thinking my husband is already up watching another freaking zombie movie. I go pour myself a cup of coffee and he says okay, have fun trying to keep up with this one or trying to figure it out. 12 hours later, (that’s right, 12 hours later) I have binge watched the entire season from the episode I walked in on, went back and started at the beginning and watched straight through a second time.
Hooked? Let’s just say thank you God that I had nothing else I had to do yesterday.  Guys, this show sucks you right in. Cliffhanger, storyline, emotion, and laugh out loud moments, LOL! So here’s the story line, kinda sorta…

So apparently, there was a comic book series called The Umbrella Academy, written by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. It was originally published by Dark Horse Comics, and Steve Blackman set up the series for Netflix. I had no idea, Netflix had released the entire series on Friday, February 15th(day before yesterday), and I watched the ENTIRE season yesterday. They’ve got a fantastic cast, with everybody from Tom Hopper, Ellen Page, Mary J Blige, even Aidan Gallagher of Ricky Nicky Dicky & Dawn. If this is his first adult role, I was completely floored. I’ve never seen many of the people in the show before, but I am absolutely hooked!

So the storyline goes that on October 1st of 1989, 43 women around the world all gave birth at the same time but with only one catch: they had not been pregnant at any point until they went into labor. Each one of these newborns had a different superpower. Out of all of them, 7 of them are found and adopted by Reginald Hargreeves(Colm Feore), an eccentric millionaire. What’s messed up is, as far as he was concerned, their names were Number one, Number two, Number three, you get the idea. You find out that they are actually Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Ben, Vanya, and the last one being named only number 5. (He’s got a whole different background from the rest of them, which you will find out as the story goes along.)

As children, Hargreeves creates what he calls the Umbrella Academy, a team of young super kids that fight crime. They only touch upon this a couple of times, the series really focuses on what they have turned into present-day. Now adults, they are all called back home when they find out that their eccentric father has passed away. You can quickly see that it turns into a story of “My Dysfunctional Family.” The story takes a sometimes cruel and twisted turn when you find out how they were raised, literally being known and called by their respective numbers and being raised by a robot (created by Hargreeves to raise them) that they grew to know as Mom(Jordan Claire Roberts).

So you have number one, Luther(Tom Hopper) who has super strength. Number 2 is Diego(David Castaneda), who is a dead shot with a knife, a vigilante with a cocky attitude. Number three is Allison(Emmy Raver-Lampman), who can manipulate anybody’s reality by saying, “I heard a rumor that…” Number four is Klaus(Robert Sheehan), who quickly becomes your favorite as a rave/party-holic drug addict who can talk with the dead. He makes the show take more than one or two funny twists. Then you have number five(Aidan Gallagher), and that is the only name that he has. His gift is being able to time travel. He’s been missing for 17 years. You come to find that he is much older than the 12 year old boy he appears to be, he’s actually 58. When he jumps back inter present time, he gets the calculations wrong and comes back to present time as a boy. Number six is Ben(Justin Min), dead but visible as a ghost, driving Klaus nuts for his drug habits… You don’t know how, but at some point he has died. In this first season, they never touch on the fact of how he died, not sure if they outlined that in the comic book series. He is known as having the power of a kraken, you only see in maybe two spots in the entire series that he’s killing people via tentacles. Then there is number 7, Vanya(Ellen Page). You come to find that she was kept separate from all of the other kids, constantly being put down and kept down, brainwashed into thinking that there was nothing special about her. But you quickly come to find that they did that because she is so unbelievably powerful that Hargreeves realizes that there’s a very good likelihood that she CAN’T be kept down. He fears her, as do the rest of them when they find out what she’s capable of…

Then there’s Pogo the chimpanzee, played by Adam Godley, and he is Reginald’s closest and best confidant. He knows all of the family secrets and lets them out as they need to become known, infuriating Luther more than once… Unfortunately for Pogo, he gets to be the bearer giving all of the ugly to the kids, who were already all too happy to flee their upbringing. As if their childhood had not already been screwed up enough, they come to find that their father killed himself in order to bring them all back together. Why? Because the world is about to end, and they’re the only ones that can stop it.

Backing up the rest of the story, you have Hazel(Cameron Britton) and Cha Cha(Mary J Blige), who are assassins that work for the woman known only as The Handler(unrecognizably, Kate Walsh) who works for what they call The Commission. The Commission controls time, or the handling thereof. If there is anyone in humanity who is even suspect of tampering with or changing the timeline of history, they are eliminated. We also can’t forget to mention Sheila McCarthy who plays Agnes, who is the owner and server at Griddy’s Donuts and becomes Hazel’s love interest. This is important because Hazel realizes he doesn’t want to be an assassin anymore. He’s tired and he’s had it. But, just like The Godfather, just when you think you can get out, they pull you back in, and it gets UGLY.

The only one to get more ugly than that is Vanya’s love interest, Leonard Peabody (John Magaro). You come to find that he did 10 years for killing his father and has an intense hatred for the entire Umbrella Academy.  You see, he was born on that fateful day as well, but from a normal pregnancy.  His mother died on the table, and his father became an abusive man, hating Harold for the death of his wife. Harold always believed that he was one of them, and his father hated that Harold was obsessed with it. So, one day after the father hit him for dressing up as one of the kids, Harold picks up a hammer and buries it in the old man’s head.  That, plus Hargreeves telling Harold that he was nothing special and had no powers one fateful day, pretty much sealed his hatred for the Academy.  Harold comes to find Hargreeves’ diary and sees Vanya’s vulnerability, AND power, and proceeds to manipulate her. And then she realizes it.  Rule number one in life? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Let’s just say it doesn’t end well for him…

This show DID NOT DISAPPOINT. For crying out loud, I literally watched it for 12 HOURS!  Glass eyeballs, suicide, secrets, twisted childhoods, the apocalypse, what more could you POSSIBLY want?!?!?!?

As I finished watching it and said OMG, when is season 2?! my husband informed me that the entire season was released the day before, and we just spent the day watching the whole dang thing.  Of course, straight to Google I went. Everything says could be, could be not. Will they focus on the cast as adults? Or as kids, since they went back in time? Or bring in new cast? And WHEN?!?!  One site ventured a guess of 2020!!! I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!!!!  I will say this .. I could watch this over and over again.  I’m hoping that this won’t turn into another Ash vs Evil Dead, waiting an entire year for the next season.  I guess we’ll just have to wait, unless Number 5 can, well, you know….

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