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Ok,    Whoever said that there’s no streaking with Windex, never said it so good!  I MUST give credit where it is due, to the Royal Badass of Ladydom, Kirsten/RNTGRL of http://www.resultsnottypicalgirl.com…  She posted this on her “WTF Wednesday” post yesterday, and I, as a loyal subscriber, get auto-notified…  You MUST subscribe, she’s a freakin’ […]

Make Money Eating Boogers????

Make Money Eating Your Boogers???? I gotta tell ya… I’m INUNDATED with at least, no joke, 150+ emails a DAY hawking the latest, greatest Internet Marketing Guru BULLSHIT… Here I sit at my desk, shaking my head, with over 8500 unread emails in my inbox… Think I’m kidding??? See??? Well, it’s all good, because NOW, […]