At Least 9 Dead in Munich Shooting BREAKING NEWS

At Least 9 Dead in Munich Shooting BREAKING NEWS

There are as of now 9 people dead and more than 10 injured in what is believed to be a terrorist attack in Munich.  There were several shots fired, and there are believed to be at least 3 gunmen.  There are conflicting reports on how many there are.  The gunmen are still at large.  The shooting broke out at a McDonald’s across from the Olympia Shopping Mall.  Gunfire also occurred inside the mall.  People reported gunfire at several locations.  Police have shut down public transportation, tram buses and the subway, as the gunmen whereabouts are unknown.   The city’s main railway station was evacuated. Police manhunt is underway, and they are asking that people stay in their homes with everything locked.  Restaurants and local businesses closed shop as the city went into lockdown.  There is no claim of responsibility by any group as yet, but police say they are treating this as a terrorist attack.  German Special forces are there as well…

Just now on Twitter at 5:34pm EST: UPDATE: One gunman killed himself in aftermath of shooting, source tells CBS News


Newest Tweets on Twitter:


A woman that called into the news said that her son was in the McDonald’s bathroom, and saw the perpetrator loading a pistol.  She was waiting for her son to come out, and witnessed the shooting. He allegedly opened fire on the children, apparently he targeted the children..  He fired shots and yelled “allahu akbar” as he left the scene and headed towards the mall.

The Olympia Mall is the city’s largest shopping center.  It is also located by a major transit hub.

This is all happening in the wake of recent terror attacks.  Europe has been on on high alert. A truck had plowed into a crowd of Bastille Day celebrators in France, last week, with more than 80 people killed. Then this week, a teenager who said he was inspired by ISIS, stabbed passengers on a German train before police were able shoot him dead.

Edit 7:56pm EST:

10 reported dead, one possibly the gunman.  Police are now saying that they believe there was only one gunman, who apparently turned a gun on himself and was found dead.  A press conference is expected to start in about 10 mins….


I will update the news as new developments occur…

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