Semen Tainted Yogurt?

Brings a whole new meaning to, “Taste this…  is it bad?  Does this taste bad to you???”Anthony Garcia

   Yesterday, a man in Albuquerque, New Mexico plead guilty to charges of  “adulterating food,” (!!!) and making false statements to federal investigators.  Adulterating food?  Well you see, he’s a grocery store worker accused of handing out a semen-tainted yogurt sample at an Albuquerque market.   Garcia admitted that he tainted a sample of the yogurt he was handing out at Sunflower Market in January. He also admitted putting some of his semen on a plastic spoon that he placed in the yogurt.  Then, well, he walked up to a woman and offered a sample for her to taste.  Sick bastard…

  The woman later told police that after tasting the sample, she spit on the floor several times and wiped her mouth on the garment she was wearing to get the taste out of her mouth.  (Sorry, but all I can picture is the episode of iCarly where Spencer gets kissed by a disgusting girl, then runs to the sink, grabs the long-handled scrubber, and douses it with soap and begins FRANTICALLY scrubbing his tongue…)  Investigators collected samples of the woman’s spit from the floor and took the garment she was wearing as evidence.  Police say Garcia was linked to the yogurt through DNA samples.

In court documents, federal prosecutors called the allegations “sickening and appalling.”  Ummmmm, ya THINK?!  The only thing I’d love to know is what they’ll do to him in prison…  Or his FOOD, for that matter!  Either way, he’ll deserve every last lick of it, lol!   See, he faces up to three years of imprisonment to be followed by three years of supervised release.   He has been in federal custody since his arrest in July, and remained detained pending his sentencing, which has yet to be scheduled.  Hey, would YOU let this guy go back to work handling YOUR groceries?  Brings a whole other meaning to “taste test,” ya know?  Even more morbid, police now believe that he’s done this before at a different location as well.  AND, while arresting him police also found that Garcia had an outstanding warrant for “inappropriate sexual contact with a minor.”  Really ???  SERIOUSLY?!?!?  And WHYYYYY isn’t this man already serving hard time????

“The criminal conduct to which Anthony Garcia pleaded guilty today is completely outrageous,” U.S. Attorney Kenneth J. Gonzales said after Garcia’s appearance in federal court. “No one should have to endure this type of experience simply because she or he accepts a food sample while shopping for groceries.”

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