Tennessee County Jail Gives New Inmates Used Underwear?

TN State Prison 39
Image by Exothermic via Flickr

In Cleveland, Tennessee, officials in Bradley County Jail have been issuing all of their new inmates old underwear.  As in, underwear previously used by other prisoners.  Sheriff Jim Ruth talked about the policy yesterday with county commissioners, citing that it is perfectly safe because the underwear are “thoroughly washed.”

Bob Gault, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department told the Associated Press this afternoon that this has been a long time practice for the jail.  They issue everything the incoming prisoners wear, and see that it is all sanitized.

The Tennessee Corrections Institute has the job of inspecting the jails, and says that the practice of reissuing the underwear is allowed.  Their rules require that prisoner clothing be washed twice a week.

The Tennessee Department of Corrections issues THEIR inmates NEW underwear.  Their spokeswoman, Dorinda Carter said, “When an inmate leaves, his underwear leaves with him…”

Are the Bradley County jail inmates jealous?  Guess it brings a whole new meaning to “inmate intimates…”

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