Police Say Woman in Bust Hid Nearly $26k in Bra

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Can you say, BUSTed???  Bra size?  Oh, about $26k…

From Spokane, Washington

A fraud bust, indeed: Spokane County sheriff‘s deputies said that a woman was hiding nearly $26,000 in her bra when she was booked into jail for investigation of theft.

Lukeisha A. Harris was one of three Seattle-area residents arrested Friday as part of an alleged fraud ring. Deputies said they used phony Oregon driver’s licenses and counterfeit credit cards to obtain cash advances from Spokane banks.

Sheriff’s spokesman Dave Reagan said the three were arrested after a worker at one bank reported that they tried to obtain money using a stolen credit card. The investigators followed the ring to two other banks before making the bust.

Reagan said that during a search at the Spokane County Jail, guards found that the 24-year-old Harris — who is 6 feet tall and 400 pounds — had the cash hidden in her bra, along with bank receipts.  (guess they missed THAT during the suspect pat-down before arrest, huh???)

Now, FAR be it from me to call someone a MORON, but… If you’re committing a crime, WHY would you be carrying NOT ONLY the money you STOLE, but the receipts of evidence that will HANG you if/when you get caught?!?!?!?

It was not immediately known Saturday if Harris or the other suspects had lawyers.

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